55 Gallon Black HDPE Plastic Tight Head Drum, 2" & 3/4" Fittings

Products specifications
Capacity55 gal
StyleTight Head
Fittings2' & 3/4" Fitting
UN Rating1H1/Y1.9/150
Pallet Qty8
Country of OriginUSA

Pipeline Packaging proudly showcases the 55 Gallon Black HDPE Plastic Tight Head Drum, an epitome of American manufacturing excellence. Crafted using premium high-density polyethylene (HDPE), this drum promises durability and resilience, making it an asset for a myriad of storage applications. Its 2" & 3/4" fittings are strategically designed to ensure a snug fit, further enhancing its versatility across multiple use-cases.

The inherent design and robustness of the Black Tight Head Drums have made them indispensable to a variety of industries. From the chemical realm, where they safely house a spectrum of solvents and compounds, to the food and beverage sector that demands uncompromised preservation of liquids, these drums are a quintessential choice. Moreover, the cosmetics and personal care industry cherishes these containers for their ability to maintain the integrity of lotions, serums, and other formulations, with the black hue offering an added layer of UV protection.

Turn to Pipeline Packaging for all your tight head drum requirements. With our commitment anchored in delivering top-notch American-made products, you are assured a drum that stands out in quality and functionality. Partner with us and experience unparalleled storage solutions tailored to your industry's demands.

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