55 Gallon Black Steel Open Head Drum, Olive Drab Lined, UN Rated

Products specifications
Capacity55 gal
StyleOpen Head
UN Rating1A2/Y250/S
GasketLow Density
LiningOlive Drab
LidBlack Cover
Weight41.4 lbs
Pallet Qty4
Country of OriginUSA

Pipeline Packaging is a leading distributor of steel, plastic, and fiber drums at competitive pricing for the last 30 years. Drums such as the 55-Gallon Black Steel Open Head Drum with an Olive Drab Lining, or green phenolic lined, are the perfect solution for protecting high volumes of industrial materials or food-grade products in storage and shipping situations

While plastic drums are often highlighted for their extreme resistance to chemicals from high to low pH levels and their lightweight build, steel drums possess their own strengths that make them a stand-out choice for your industrial packaging needs. Products like the Black Steel Olive Drab Open Head Drum have intense strength that protects against the potential for impact-centered accidents. Its USA grade steel body grants a wide range of versatile with its ability to hold liquids, oils, powders, and solids. This level of durability and versatility makes steel drums a lasting investment since they can be reused and transformed throughout their entire shelf life.

Besides the steel material, the 55-Gallon Black Steel Open Head Drum comes with olive drab lining. Olive drab, also known as green phenolic, linings heighten the resistance to acid and solvent resistance. Though not compatible with alkaline products, the Black Steel Olive Drab Open Head Drum can handle acids, solvents, gas, corrosion, and agriculture materials. When paired with an olive drab lining, this black steel open head drum a knock-out packaging selection.

With a 1A2/Y250/S UN rating, the 82014 arrives in an open head style, allowing for easy access to the product inside, while still offering protection from spills and leaks with its black cover lid.

For questions on selecting and/or customizing the extensive selection of black steel olive drab open head drum Pipeline Packaging offers, reach out on our contact us form, or select one of the options below and add it to our Quote Request form.

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Ref #: 82014