55 Gallon Black Steel Open Head Drum, Phenolic Lining, White Cover, 2"X3/4" Nylon Tri-Sure Fitting, Bolt Ring, UN Rated

Products specifications
Capacity55 gal
StyleOpen Head
Fittings2" & 3/4" Nylon
UN RatingY1.5/100
LidWhite Cover
AccessoriesBolt Ring
Country of OriginUSA

The 55 Gallon Black Steel Open Head Drum, available from Pipeline Packaging, represents the epitome of industrial-grade storage solutions. This drum is notably lined with Buff Epoxy Phenolic, making it an excellent choice for a wide array of industries, including chemical, pharmaceutical, and food processing. The substantial 55-gallon capacity is ideal for storing and transporting large volumes of materials. The drum features versatile 2" and 3/4" fittings, accommodating a range of dispensing and extraction setups, thereby broadening its application spectrum.

Open head drums like this one offer significant benefits in terms of ease of use and functionality. The open head design allows for effortless filling and emptying, which is particularly advantageous when dealing with viscous or granular materials. This feature also simplifies cleaning and inspection processes, ensuring the drum can be reused effectively, reducing both environmental impact and operational costs. The gray cover with an EPDM gasket provides a secure and reliable seal, essential for protecting the contents from contamination and leakage, especially when handling hazardous materials.

The Buff Epoxy Phenolic Lining is a key aspect of this drum, offering superior protection against corrosion and chemical interaction. This lining is especially beneficial for storing reactive or sensitive substances, ensuring that their integrity is maintained during storage and transport. The lining also extends the drum's lifespan by safeguarding the internal structure against degradation, making it a cost-effective and reliable choice for long-term use.

Pipeline Packaging is dedicated to providing customized solutions that meet specific industrial requirements. Our 55 Gallon Black Steel Open Head Drum is designed to deliver maximum reliability and efficiency, aligning with diverse storage and handling needs. For a tailored solution that fits your unique requirements, contact us at 877.242.2880 or request a quote online. Our team is committed to offering high-quality, durable, and practical packaging options, ensuring your operations are supported by the best in class resources.

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