55 Gallon Black Steel Open Head Drum, Unlined, Black Cover, Lever Lock Ring, UN Rated

Products specifications
Capacity55 gal
StyleOpen Head
UN RatingUN
LidBlack Cover
Weight35 lbs
Pallet Qty8
Country of OriginUSA

The 55 Gallon Black Steel Open Head Drum, available from Pipeline Packaging, is an exemplary solution for diverse storage and transportation needs across various industries. Unlined and featuring a robust black cover, this drum is perfect for sectors such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and waste management. Its substantial capacity of 55 gallons makes it ideal for bulk storage, offering ample space for a wide range of substances, from liquids to solids. The drum's UN rating assures compliance with international safety standards, making it a reliable choice for both domestic and international transportation.

One of the standout features of this drum is its lever lock ring. This mechanism provides a secure and efficient way to seal the drum, ensuring the safety and integrity of its contents during storage and transit. The lever lock is particularly user-friendly, allowing for quick and easy access to the drum's contents, which is beneficial in scenarios where frequent opening and closing are required. This feature significantly reduces the time and effort involved in handling, enhancing operational efficiency.

Opting for an unlined steel drum like this one offers several advantages. Without a lining, the drum is more adaptable to various types of contents, especially useful when storing products that are sensitive to the potential chemical interactions with linings. The unlined interior also simplifies cleaning processes, making the drum reusable for different purposes, which is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Pipeline Packaging is committed to providing tailored solutions to meet the specific requirements of your business. Our 55 Gallon Black Steel Open Head Drum is designed with the utmost reliability and efficiency in mind, ensuring your storage and transportation needs are met with the highest standards. For a customized solution that aligns with your unique requirements, contact us at 877.242.2880 or request a quote online. Our team is dedicated to supplying high-quality, durable, and practical packaging options, ensuring your operations are well-supported with the best resources available.

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