55-Gallon Black Steel Tight Head Drum, Red Phenolic Lining w/ 2" & 3/4" TriSure Fittings, UN Rated

Products specifications
Capacity55 gal
Fittings2" & 3/4" (Trisure)
UN Rating1A1/X1.8/300
LiningRed Phenolic
Pallet Qty8
Country of OriginUSA

The 55-gallon black steel tight head drum stands as a testament to modern storage solutions, optimized for safety and durability. With a robust red phenolic lining, this drum guarantees resistance against corrosive substances, ensuring content integrity for extended periods.

Outfitted with the patented 2" & 3/4" TriSure fittings, these drums offer an added layer of security against leaks and potential contaminations. The TriSure fittings stand out for their precision-engineered design, providing quick and secure sealing – a perk many industries deem invaluable.

Applications of this steel drum span various sectors:

  • Chemical Industry: Ideal for storing chemicals due to its corrosion-resistant phenolic lining.
  • Oil and Lubricants: Ensures airtight and leak-proof storage, preserving product quality.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Ensures that sensitive materials are kept uncontaminated.
  • Food and Beverage: With the right internal coating, they can be used for storing edible liquids and syrups.

In addition to its wide applicability, industries prefer these drums for their resilience, longevity, and the unmatched security that TriSure fittings offer. When you invest in Pipeline's 55-gallon drum, you're choosing a product that embodies efficiency and trustworthiness. Get a quote today 877.242.1880.

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