55 Gallon Black Unlined Steel Reconditioned Tight Head Drum, 2" & 3/4" Fitting, UN Rated

Products specifications
Capacity55 gal
Fittings2" & 3/4" Fitting
UN Rating1A1/Y1.8/250
Country of OriginUSA

Choosing a reconditioned 55-gallon black unlined steel tight head drum, especially one with a 2" & 3/4" fitting and a UN rating, can be a strategic move for businesses and industries looking to balance cost, sustainability, and reliability.

Why Choose Reconditioned Over New?

  • Eco-Friendly: Opting for reconditioned drums reduces the demand for raw materials and energy for production. This contributes to a smaller carbon footprint and promotes a circular economy.
  • Cost-Effective: Reconditioned drums come at a fraction of the cost of new steel drums without compromising on functionality.
  • Quality Assurance: Each reconditioned drum undergoes rigorous testing and refurbishment, ensuring it meets or even exceeds the quality and safety standards of new drums.

Uses for Reconditioned Drums:

  1. Storage: Their robust construction makes them ideal for storing liquids, oils, chemicals, and other substances securely.
  2. Shipping & Transportation: With a UN rating, these reconditioned drums guarantee safe transportation of contents, even on international fronts.
  3. Rainwater Harvesting: Many eco-enthusiasts use them for collecting and storing rainwater.
  4. Composting: Their spacious interior is perfect for organic composting processes.
  5. DIY Projects: From furniture to garden planters, reconditioned drums serve as a base for various creative endeavors.

In essence, a 55-gallon black unlined steel reconditioned tight head drum is not only an environmentally-conscious choice but also provides unparalleled cost benefits. A win-win for both businesses and the planet.

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