55 Gallon Blue Plastic Open Head Drum, UN Rated

Products specifications
Capacity55 gal
StyleOpen Head
UN Rating1H2/Y250/S
LidBlue Cover
Weight24.7 lbs
Pallet Qty8
Country of OriginUSA

Made in the USA, the UN-rated 55-Gallon Blue Open Head Drum is an excellent packaging choice for those storing or shipping large volumes of material. The round tapered construction allows this drum to maximize its internal storage capabilities while minimizing external storage space. Paired with its flat bottom, this drum remains stable whether stacked in long-term storage or transit.

Beyond its stable and efficient build, the 55-gallon blue open head drum’s other key component is its HDPE plastic construction. Forged from petroleum, HDPE plastic is incredibly versatile, making it a common choice throughout a multitude of industries. Its lightweight reduces shipping costs while its high tensile strength curbs the possibility of impact damage. Unlike metal drums, HDPE drums can protect against molds and mildews as well as withstand corrosive chemicals.

The blue coloration of this particular 55-gallon open drum is not just a signal regarding its HDPE thermoplastic construction, but also has a higher purpose in granting a heightened UV resistance even compared to other HDPE plastics. Though HDPE is already deemed food safe by the FDA, the blue color’s UV resistance makes it particularly exceptional packaging for food products.

With a 1H2/Y250/S UN rating, the 55-gallon blue open head drum comes in an open head style. Compared to tight head styles, which are well suited for long-term storage or travel, open heads accommodate the need for regular access to internal materials. This particular unit includes a blue cover lid and lever lock that maintains the drum’s accessibility while giving the option for a secure closure.

Our role as a distributor rather than a manufacturer gives us the ability to offer limitless flexibility when it comes to crafting packaging solutions like the 55-gallon blue plastic open head drum. When you choose Pipeline Packaging, you gain access to the breadth of choice at competitive prices.

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