55 Gallon Blue Reconditioned Steel Open Head Drum, w/ Blue Plain Cover, Unlined, Bolt Ring, UN Rated

Products specifications
Capacity55 gal
UN Rating1A2/Y1.5/100
LidBlue Plain Cover
AccessoriesBolt Ring
Weight40 lbs
Country of OriginUSA

Enhance your industrial processes with the 55 Gallon Blue Reconditioned Steel Open Head Drum, featuring a Blue Plain Cover, Unlined interior, Bolt Ring, and a distinction of being UN Rated. This meticulously reconditioned drum is a pinnacle of reliability and safety, ensuring the secure storage and transport of various materials across a plethora of industries such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and waste management.

The unlined interior and robust bolt ring of this drum make it highly versatile, allowing it to hold a range of substances, from liquids to solids, while maintaining the integrity and purity of the contents. The open head design provides ease of access, making it particularly useful for materials that require frequent addition or removal.

Being reconditioned, this steel drum is not only cost-effective but also an environmentally sustainable choice, reducing the demand for new materials and minimizing waste. The blue plain cover adds an extra layer of protection, ensuring the contents are shielded from contaminants and external elements.

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