55 Gallon Blue Steel Open Head Drum, White Cover, Unlined, No Fittings, Top Lever Lock Ring, UN Rated

Products specifications
Capacity55 gal
StyleOpen Head
AccessoriesLever Lock Ring

The 55 Gallon Blue Steel Open Head Drum, featuring a white cover, unlined interior, and no fittings, is a versatile and robust solution for a variety of storage and transport needs. This UN Rated drum is designed for ease of access with its top lever lock ring, ensuring a secure closure while allowing convenient opening when needed. Ideal for industries that require frequent access to the contents, such as waste management, construction, and agricultural sectors, this drum is perfectly suited for storing solid and semi-solid materials like soil, sand, grain, and construction debris

This open head drum is also a preferred choice in the food processing and pharmaceutical industries, thanks to its unlined interior that avoids potential contamination. Additionally, its durable blue steel construction makes it suitable for harsh industrial environments, providing long-lasting use and reliability. The white cover adds a clean, professional appearance and offers a contrast for easy labeling and identification.

The inclusion of a top lever lock ring in the design of this drum is particularly beneficial for ensuring the safety and integrity of the contents. This feature provides a secure seal, essential for transporting hazardous or sensitive materials, and is also user-friendly, making it easy to handle and operate in various industrial settings.

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