55 Gallon Blue Tight Head Steel Drum, Buff Epoxy Lining RDL™ 44, 2" x 3/4" Fitting, UN Rated

Products specifications
Capacity55 gal
Fittings2" & 3/4" Fitting
UN Rating1.8/300_1.2/.9/1.2
Pallet Qty4
Country of OriginUSA

The 55 Gallon Blue Tight Head Steel Drum with Buff Epoxy Lining RDL™ 44, featuring a 2" x 3/4" fitting, is a versatile and durable container designed for a wide range of industrial applications. This UN-rated drum is ideal for storing and transporting hazardous materials, ensuring safe and compliant handling of chemicals and other sensitive substances. The RDL® 44 lining, a blend of epoxy and phenol resins with inorganic pigments, provides exceptional protection, making this drum suitable for both chemical and food-grade applications.

RDL® 44's unique formulation and high-temperature baking process result in a highly cross-linked epoxy phenol structure, offering superior flexibility and resistance. This robust lining is engineered to withstand exposure to various organic solvents and certain aqueous products, ensuring the integrity and safety of the contents. The golden brown buff color of the lining not only enhances visibility but also signifies its high-quality protective properties, making it an excellent choice for industries requiring stringent safety standards.

Whether you need to store solvents, chemicals, or foodstuffs, the 55 Gallon Blue Tight Head Steel Drum with RDL® 44 lining is a reliable solution. Its flexibility and broad chemical compatibility make it a preferred option for diverse industrial needs. Unsure which drum fits your requirements? Contact our experts at 877.242.1880 or fill out our request for a quote to get personalized assistance and ensure you choose the best container for your needs.

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