55 Gallon Chevron Blue Steel Open Head Steel Drum w/ Blue Cover, Olive Drab Phenolic Lined, 3 Tri-Sure Fittings, Bolt Ring, EPDM Gasket, UN Rated

Products specifications
Capacity55 gal
Fittings3 Trisure Fittings
UN Rating1A2/Y1.5/100 & 1A2/X400/S
LiningOlive Drab
AccessoriesBolt Ring
Country of OriginUSA

The 55-gallon Chevron Blue Steel open head drum is a robust storage and transportation solution. Crafted from high-quality steel, it's designed to handle a multitude of substances, especially within industrial environments. The drum features a vibrant blue cover, setting it apart in terms of visibility and identification.

Internally, it is furnished with an olive drab phenolic lining. This specialized lining ensures the safety and purity of its contents, offering a barrier against potential corrosions or reactions. The three Tri-Sure fittings are a testament to the drum's commitment to secure sealing, ensuring that stored materials remain uncontaminated. Complemented by a sturdy bolt ring and an EPDM gasket, the sealing apparatus is top-tier.

The UN Rating affirms that the drum is compliant with international safety standards, suitable for transporting hazardous materials. Industries spanning from chemicals to oil, food processing to waste management, can benefit from this drum. Its applications include storing raw materials, transporting hazardous liquids, and managing waste products.

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