58-400 Gold/Gold Metal Screw Cap w/ Plastisol Liner, No Button

Products specifications
Neck Finish58-400
Case Qty2500

The 58-400 Gold/Gold Metal Screw Cap with Plastisol Liner is a versatile closure solution designed to provide secure sealing for various containers. This cap is made from durable metal, offering a gold finish on both the interior and exterior, giving it an elegant appearance that suits a range of industries, from food and beverage to cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

The cap's 58-400 neck finish ensures compatibility with standard bottles and jars, making it an ideal choice for securely sealing containers used in storage and transportation. The Plastisol liner within the cap provides an airtight seal, ensuring contents remain fresh and uncontaminated. This liner's properties also offer chemical resistance, making it suitable for sealing liquids and substances across a variety of industries, including chemicals and personal care products.

Additionally, the Plastisol liner's flexibility allows for secure sealing, even with minor inconsistencies in the container's rim, ensuring a dependable, leak-proof solution.

This screw cap is sold separately, offering an easy way to replace or upgrade existing containers. For all your screw cap needs, find Pipeline Packaging. We provide comprehensive solutions to ensure secure storage and transportation across diverse sectors, ensuring your products remain safe, fresh, and ready for use.

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