58 Gallon Kraft Fiber Open Head Drum, Unlined, w/ Natural Plastic Cover w/ Gasket, Lever Lock Ring

Products specifications
Capacity58 gal
StyleOpen Head
AccessoriesLever Lock Ring
Country of OriginUSA

The 58 Gallon Kraft Fiber Open Head Drum is a versatile storage solution designed for a wide range of applications. Crafted from durable kraft fiber, this drum offers a lightweight yet robust option for storing and transporting a variety of goods. The drum comes with a natural plastic cover equipped with a gasket, ensuring a secure seal that prevents contamination and leakage, making it ideal for both dry and semi-liquid contents.

The metal lever lock ring mechanism provides added security, ensuring the drum's cover stays in place during transportation and storage. This feature is crucial for industrial sectors such as agriculture, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and food processing, where maintaining product integrity is paramount.

The open head design allows for easy access, making it ideal for storing or dispensing bulk materials like powders, grains, and other goods. The unlined interior ensures compatibility with various substances, offering flexibility in usage.

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