63-400 Black Metal Cap with PALF Liner

Products specifications
Neck Finish63-400
Weight0.0259 lbs
Case Qty1700
Pallet Qty51000
Country of OriginUSA

Elevate your product's packaging with the sophisticated 63-400 Black Metal Cap with PALF Liner, a top-tier closure option available at Pipeline Packaging. This cap is not just about sealing your container; it's about adding a touch of elegance and ensuring optimal protection for your contents.

The 63-400 Black Metal Cap is crafted to perfection, featuring a sleek black metal finish that instantly enhances the visual appeal of your product. It's the kind of cap that makes a statement, transforming ordinary packaging into something extraordinary.

But it's not just about looks. The real star of this cap is its PALF liner. This liner is renowned for its exceptional resistance qualities, safeguarding your product from external elements and preserving its quality. It's this reliability that makes the cap versatile across various industries. Whether you're dealing with high-end cosmetics, industrial products, personal care items, or even food, this cap provides the protection and aesthetic you need.

It's important to note that this cap is sold separately, allowing you the freedom to pair it with a bottle that perfectly meets your requirements. And when it comes to finding that ideal bottle, Pipeline Packaging is here to assist you.

In a world where packaging can make or break a product's success, the 63-400 Black Metal Cap with PALF Liner stands out as a fusion of style and functionality. Enhance your product's presentation and protection with this premium cap. Contact Pipeline Packaging at 877.242.1880 or start your request for a quote online for all your cap and closure needs.

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