6.5 Gallon White HDPE Plastic Screw Top Pail, Life Latch New Generation, UN Rated

Products specifications
Capacity6.5 gal
StyleScrew Top
UN Rating1H2/Y30/S & X11.5/S
HandlePlastic Handle
Pallet Qty84
Country of OriginUSA

Introducing the 6.5 Gallon White HDPE Plastic Screw Top Pail from the Life Latch® New Generation line, designed to offer unparalleled protection for a wide range of products. This pail is engineered with durability and security in mind, providing a robust solution for storing and transporting your goods. Whether for industrial, commercial, or domestic use, this pail ensures your products remain safe and intact, thanks to its innovative design and high-quality materials. This bucket has a plastic handle.

The pail boasts an array of features aimed at preserving the integrity of its contents. It is moisture resistant, making it an ideal choice for products sensitive to humidity. Certified by the UN for Solids Groups II and III, it meets rigorous standards for the transportation of hazardous materials. Additionally, the pail is made from FDA-grade raw materials, ensuring it's safe for storing food products. To enhance branding and product information visibility, it supports 8-color offset printing, providing clear and vibrant labels.

Security is a top priority for the Life Latch® New Generation Pail, which comes equipped with a tamper-evident feature. This ensures that once sealed, any unauthorized access to the contents is easily detectable, offering peace of mind for manufacturers and consumers alike. This feature, combined with its sturdy construction, makes the pail a reliable choice for protecting sensitive or valuable contents.

While the pail itself is a complete solution for many packaging needs, it does not include a lid to allow for customization based on specific requirements. For those seeking a matching cover, a wide selection of plastic pail covers is available, providing options to suit various applications and sealing needs. For more information or to place an order, contact us at 8787.242.1880. Choose the 6.5 Gallon White HDPE Plastic Screw Top Pail for secure, reliable, and versatile packaging that stands up to the challenges of transportation and storage.

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