750 mL Flint Glass Wine Bottle, Cork Finish, 12x1

Products specifications
Capacity750 ml/cc
Neck FinishCork Finish
Weight1.17 lbs
Case Qty12
Pallet Qty1344
Country of OriginUSA

Discover the elegance and practicality of the 750 mL Flint Glass Wine Bottle, a top choice for winemakers and beverage enthusiasts. Made from premium flint glass, this bottle boasts a crystal-clear appearance that beautifully showcases the wine within. Its cork finish is designed for a classic cork closure, adding a traditional touch to your wine packaging. The dimensions of this bottle, with a height of 11.438 inches and a diameter of 2.992 inches, make it a standard and convenient size for wine storage and display. Each bottle weighs 404 grams, ensuring sturdiness and durability. Please note that the bottle is sold without a lid, giving you the freedom to choose your own cork style.

Flint glass, known for its exceptional clarity and purity, is ideal for wine bottles. It allows the true color and quality of the wine to shine through, enhancing the visual appeal and enticing potential buyers. The high-quality glass material also ensures that there is no interaction between the bottle and the wine, maintaining the wine's original flavor and aroma. This aspect is crucial for preserving the integrity of fine wines, particularly those intended for aging.

The bottle's cork finish is not just about aesthetics; it plays a crucial role in wine preservation. Corks are known for their excellent sealing properties, which protect the wine from oxidation and contamination. This natural closure method is favored in the wine industry for its ability to allow the wine to breathe and mature properly. The use of cork with these bottles ensures a high-quality, traditional wine packaging solution that appeals to both casual consumers and connoisseurs.

For those seeking top-notch glass wine bottles, Pipeline Packaging offers a wide selection to meet various needs. The 750 mL Flint Glass Wine Bottle with cork finish is a testament to their commitment to quality and elegance in packaging. To explore this and other packaging options, or to check availability, customers are encouraged to contact us at 877.242.1880. Our experienced team is ready to assist with all your glass bottle requirements, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your product.

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