85 Gallon Yellow Steel Open Head Drum, Phenolic Lined, Tubular Rubber Gasket, Bolt Ring, Printed SALVAGE, UN Rated

Products specifications
Capacity85 gal
UN Rating1A2/X435/S
AccessoriesBolt Ring
Weight65 lbs
Pallet Qty4
Country of OriginUSA

This robust 85 Gallon Yellow Steel Open Head Drum stands out due to its striking yellow color, signaling caution, and is prominently marked with ‘SALVAGE.’ Engineered with a superior phenolic lining, it assures content purity and integrity, proving indispensable in chemical and industrial applications where contamination prevention is paramount.

Constructed meticulously, this drum flaunts a bottom, middle, and top thickness of 1.2 mm each, affirming its strength and durability. The phenolic lining provides an added layer of protection, enhancing its resistance to corrosion, acids, and bases, thus ensuring longevity and safe containment of materials.

Featuring a tubular rubber gasket and a secure bolt ring, this 85-gallon steel drum is designed to prevent leaks and spills, maintaining a secure seal and safeguarding contents during transit or storage. Its open head design facilitates easy filling and dispensing of materials, reducing spillage and waste, which is particularly useful in industrial settings.

This drum is UN rated, verifying its compliance with international standards for the transport of hazardous materials. It is ideal for businesses dealing with chemical storage, waste disposal, or transportation of industrial substances, seeking a reliable and compliant solution.

The printed Black ‘SALVAGE’ indicates its suitability for containing damaged, defective, or nonconforming materials, aiding in the appropriate segregation of waste. Its substantial capacity and robust build make it an invaluable asset for industries necessitating safe and efficient handling of materials.

This 85 Gallon Yellow Steel Open Head Drum with phenolic lining, marked ‘SALVAGE,’ integrates safety, durability, and compliance, meeting the diverse needs of industrial applications. Its bold coloration, high-quality build, and specialized features make it an optimal choice for those prioritizing safety and reliability in material handling and storage.

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