89mm 89-400 Black Phenolic Cap

Products specifications
Neck Finish89-400
Weight0.0421 lbs
Case Qty304
Country of OriginUSA

Elevate your packaging with our premium 89mm 89-400 Black Phenolic Cap, an essential closure designed to complement a wide range of containers. Made in the USA, this cap offers both durability and a sleek aesthetic, making it an ideal choice for various packaging needs. The 89-400 sizing ensures a perfect fit for a variety of cans, bottles, and jars, providing a secure seal and enhancing product integrity.

The black phenolic cap is renowned for its chemical resistance, making it an excellent choice for storing and protecting a wide range of products. It's particularly suitable for laboratory chemicals, solvents, and other sensitive materials that require a tight seal to maintain purity and prevent contamination. Additionally, its robust nature makes it ideal for industrial applications, including automotive fluids and cleaning agents.

In the health and wellness sector, this cap is perfect for pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and herbal supplements. Its reliable sealing capability ensures that pills, capsules, and powders are kept safe and uncontaminated. Moreover, its elegant black design adds a touch of sophistication to cosmetic and personal care products, such as creams, lotions, and oils, enhancing the overall user experience.

This closure is sold separately due to the wide variety of containers it can complement. We invite you to add our 89mm 89-400 Black Phenolic Cap to your Wishlist and explore our extensive selection of compatible cans, bottles, and jars. Whether you’re in the laboratory, industrial, health, or beauty sector, our cap is designed to meet your needs while ensuring quality and reliability.

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