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Camee Bruner

Camee Bruner


Customer Service Rep in Dallas

What is your role at Pipeline?

To provide the absolute best customer service to our customers

When did you start (Month/Year) at Pipeline?

January 2012


3 grown girls, 1 grown son and 9 grandchildren


Sissy our spoiled dog

What do you enjoy about living in your state/area?

It is my birthplace and Texas has so many different landscapes depending on the directions you choose to travel.


Gardening and bird watching

Pet peeves?

People who pass the buck

Who has been the greatest inspiration in your life?

My father

Read any good books?

I’m not much of a book reader

Favorite movie? 


Favorite color?


Favorite food? 


What is something that you think no one knows about you?

I am basically very shy around people I don’t know

What would you want other people to know about you?

I am honest and a very dedicated employee

What 1 word best describes you?


What do you enjoy most about working at Pipeline?

The Pipeline peeps and my customers

Good People at the Core.

Dawn Jezerinac

Accounts Receivable Specialist in Cleveland

What is your role at Pipeline? Accounts Receivable Specialist in Cleveland

Kevin Knecht

Inventory Analyst in Cleveland

What is your role at Pipeline? Monitor re-order points, approve purchase reqs, submit work orders to our Core Services department