HAZMAT and Environmental:
Containing Spills that Bounty® Can’t Pick Up

From paints and thinners to industrial cleaning agents and petroleum products, hazardous materials are on the move in the U.S. every day – especially on our roads and railways. Each chemical is unique from the others; each one poses compatibility challenges for packaging. How do we prevent accidents from happening or lessen their severity?

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HAZMAT packaging is a staple offering at Pipeline. From 2-dram glass vials to 330-gallon IBC totes, we have access to packaging that can protect your product during shipment, storage and final use.

We can also utilize our engineering services to help design packaging that meets a product’s unique chemical compatibility and safety needs. Branding is still important, so custom print or embossed names/brand elements within the containers are all possible.

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Pails are a significant part of our business. Choose from a variety of materials, shapes, colors, carrying capacities and linings as well as the various UN specifications.


Let us be your preferred source for industrial and food-grade drums – either new or reconditioned.



Our industrial totes come in 120-gallon, 275-gallon and 330-gallon sizes when you need something larger. New or reconditioned are available options.

Prevent a sticky situation with your products. Contact Pipeline Packaging today to discuss your HAZMAT needs and how we can assist.

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