Custom F-Style Contains Costs for Liquid Fence®


Liquid Fence® offers eco-conscious insect and animal repellents, including its flagship product, Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellent, which is the number one product of its kind in America. Their products are sold in most major hardware stores as well as lawn and garden centers, which was part of their packaging challenge.

The original 1-gallon container included a sprayer and hose in a separate, unattached bag. Between shipping the product to the stores, loading containers and bags on the shelves and casual handling, easily 1/3 of the bottles lost their sprayers… and their value.


Pipeline worked with Liquid Fence to design a unique bottle. The new design required a specially shaped cavity in the side of the bottle. The sprayer and hose would rest here, secured in place by the printed plastic sleeve. The design was unique enough that Liquid Fence also needed approval from their retailers to make the change in bottles.


The new design has recently hit the market to rave reviews. The losses from damaged or missing sprayers have been cut to almost nothing. Liquid Fence is so thrilled that they are now looking for opportunities to upgrade the packaging for their other products, providing better stability and a modern market look.


The new packaging design won two awards in 2013: The NACD People’s Choice and NRHA Gold.


Pipeline Packaging did more than design the F-style container. We affix the sprayer to the package and apply the plastic sleeve. Once completed, the F-style containers are palletized, wrapped and then shipped to Liquid Fence to fill and distribute.

Liquid Fence old packaging

Liquid Fence’s original F-Style packaging (top) separated the spray assembly from the container, resulting in breakage or loss. The new packaging design (bottom) keeps all pieces together.

Liquid Fence