Jim Zuidema

Jim Zuidema, Sales Representative in Detroit, MI

  • Title: Sales Representative in Detroit, MI

  • How would you describe your role at Pipeline? To provide valued services and packaging items to customers in Michigan and Northern Indiana

  • When did you start at Pipeline? December 2010

  • Family? 3 kids: Drew, Jordan, and Alayna

  • Pets? Lexie, my Yorkie

  • What do you enjoy most about living in your area/state? The people, Lake Michigan beaches, great golf

  • Hobbies? Golf, sports, live music

  • Pet peeves? Buyers who shop on price

  • Who has been the greatest inspiration in your life? Jesus Christ

  • Read any good books? The Bible

  • Favorite movie? The Hangover, any James Bond movie

  • Favorite Color? Blue

  • Favorite Food? Pizza

  • What is something you think no one knows about you? I’m a cancer survivor

  • What would you want other people to know about you? I have a strong faith and integrity

  • What 1 word best describes you? Loyal

  • What do you enjoy most about working at Pipeline? My coworkers