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Joe Jones Jr

Joe Jones Jr, Lead Warehouseman in Dallas, TX

  • Title: Lead Warehouseman in Dallas, TX

  • How would you describe your role at Pipeline? Run the day-to-day operations of the Dallas warehouse

  • When did you start at Pipeline? January 2007

  • Family? Wife Kahla, twin sons Nasir & Nehemiah

  • Pets? Fish

  • What do you enjoy most about living in your area/state? Weather, plenty of space for activities & the southern hospitality

  • Hobbies? Sports, play and watch

  • Pet peeves? Stupidity

  • Who has been the greatest inspiration in your life? My parents

  • Favorite movie? Friday

  • Favorite Color? Red

  • Favorite Food? Seafood

  • What is something you think no one knows about you? I wish I could cook on Master Chef!

  • What would you want other people to know about you? I want to see everyone succeed.

  • What 1 word best describes you? Reliable

  • What do you enjoy most about working at Pipeline? The family atmosphere

Good People at the Core.

Jim Zuidema

Sales Representative in Detroit, MI

How would you describe your role at Pipeline? To provide valued services and packaging items to customers in Michigan and Northern Indiana

Brian Ashinger

Engineering Manager in Cincinnati, OH

How would you describe your role at Pipeline? Work with our team to develop customer solutions through custom packaging design, cost reductions and value-added services