Put All Your Eggs in One Agricultural Packaging Company’s Basket

Farm Flavor reports the average farmer in 1960 produced enough food to feed 26 people. Today, that figure is up to 155 people.

With the world’s population projected to reach 10 billion by 2050, the agriculture industry plays a life-or-death role.

Fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides help maintain the food supply needed to sustain the rapidly growing population. You play a key role in this important mission. So, you need an agricultural packaging company you can rely on to help feed the next generation. Partners that can provide reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solutions — including your agricultural packaging company — are essential. That’s why, without question, you can put all your eggs in one basket with Pipeline Packaging.

Innovation Reaps Rewards

Producing more robust harvests depends on modern agricultural innovation. Without high-performing fertilizers, herbicides, and insecticides, crop yields would decrease by about 50 percent.

It’s not only the agricultural products themselves that are important, but also the packaging that contains them. Partnering with the right agricultural packaging company can help harness these essential solutions through to application in the field.

Agricultural Packaging Company

Finding the right packaging to fit your specific agricultural operation is imperative for keeping increased yields on track.

A Bountiful Harvest

Unlike other providers, Pipeline Packaging is your one-stop shop when it comes to fulfilling your agricultural packaging needs. From small bottles to 275-gallon totes, our inventory gives you plenty of options, whether you’re a home gardener, agrochemical manufacturer, or commercial farmer.

“Working with an agricultural packaging company like us gives customers plenty of options,” said Pipeline Packaging’s southwest regional sales manager Mike Watson. “We simplify the process by carrying a packaging inventory that covers all the bases, down to the smallest details.”

Pipeline’s extensive inventory allows you to select your primary packaging and customize its features. You can choose from glass, plastic, or steel, select between easy-access open head or secure tight head styles, or shop through accessories like sprayers and pumps, all at competitive prices.

Pipeline Packaging’s sales representative Jeremy Beeson explained the company’s competitive difference.

“Why would customers buy 20 truckloads direct from a packaging manufacturer when they could buy from an agricultural packaging company like Pipeline Packaging, who’s buying 200 truckloads at a time?” asked Beeson. “We have the distributor advantage that allows us to leverage our buying power to benefit our customers,” he added. “Plus, we have all the additional services and accessories that might be needed.”

As an agricultural packaging company, Pipeline can carry more eggs than most, including value-added services like packaging design, inventory management, and logistics. “Our agricultural customers can’t afford to waste time and space,” Beeson added. “When they partner with us, they gain access to our warehousing and logistics services and our guaranteed just-in-time delivery. Match this with any of our other available services, like assembly or label design, and they’re always ready to go.”

Pipeline streamlines the packaging experience, providing everything customers need to keep their operations moving, eliminating extra variables that could slow things down and reduce efficiencies.

One Customer’s Problem Solver

A testament to Pipeline’s success is its 16 year relationship with a leading agricultural products company. As an agrochemical manufacturer, this producer formulates the chemical solutions needed to ensure crops are protected against pests, weeds, and diseases.

Recently, this customer has experienced strong growth in the U.S. This success is linked to its partnership with Pipeline Packaging and its massive inventory and value-added services.

One top executive shared his recognition of Pipeline’s assistance with this growth.

“Pipeline’s commitment as a problem solver has proven invaluable to our business,” he said. “I have recommended Pipeline Packaging as an agricultural packaging company to many customers over the years. The dependable delivery through strategic warehousing locations is a game changer in our fast-paced market.”

Part of the success is also attributed to Pipeline’s customer service.

“The level of service provided by our sales representative, Jeremy Beeson, has been outstanding and has created a long-term commitment between our companies,” he said.

The partnership with Pipeline has allowed this customer to maintain steady growth and remain a force in the U.S. agricultural market.

Feeding the Next Generation

It’s been said that you should never put all your focus into one resource. But while may be true in certain circumstances, it’s quite the opposite when it comes to feeding the next generation.

“Farmers and agricultural chemical manufacturers are instrumental to sustaining our population,” said Watson. “Pipeline Packaging offers them a real value proposition. We have a robust inventory and a full list of value-added services. All that is backed by exceptional customer service to help our customers operate at their highest level.”

Let Pipeline Packaging take your business to its highest level. Contact us today to learn more about our leading agricultural packaging company’s online inventory and value-added services.