Ray Juhl

Ray Juhl, Sales Representative in Detroit, MI

  • Title: Sales Representative in Detroit, MI

  • How would you describe your role at Pipeline? To grow my territory in sales and profitability by: building and improving my relationships with customers, finding new customers and building and improving internal relationships.

  • When did you start at Pipeline? April 2013

  • Family? 2 boys

  • What do you enjoy most about living in your area/state? Lots of things to do: water sports, fishing, camping and cultural diversity.

  • Hobbies? Wood working

  • Pet peeves? Not doing something that was promised

  • Who has been the greatest inspiration in your life? My mom and dad. They both gave me different gifts in: love, strength, perseverance and kindness to others.

  • Read any good books? The Giving Tree. I know it’s a kid’s book but I young have kids. Message is very profound.

  • Favorite movie? Hacksaw Ridge - The biography of Desmond Doss

  • Favorite Color? Blue

  • Favorite Food? Cheeseburgers

  • What is something you think no one knows about you? I’m extremely self-critical

  • What would you want other people to know about you? I don’t judge a book by its cover

  • What 1 word best describes you? Open-minded

  • What do you enjoy most about working at Pipeline? We are a collective group working for the same goal.