Rieke Natural PE Self Venting 40 mm Flexspout, FSII FS-10-10 Printed Liner w/ Solid Seal

Products specifications
Neck FinishRieke
Weight0.064 lbs
Case Qty500
Pallet Qty17500
Country of OriginUSA

The Rieke Natural PE Self Venting 40 mm Flexspout offers a robust solution for industrial chemicals, paints, and coatings applications. This industry-leading product includes a tamper-evident pull-out closure, providing a strong defense against counterfeiting and manipulation. The spout offers precise dispensing control, featuring a tamper-evident tear-out diaphragm to ensure product integrity. Anti-glug tabs ensure smooth pouring, while the self-venting 40 mm pour spout offers two levels of tamper evidence for added security.

The Flexspout provides full-color digital print personalization, enhancing brand recognition and communicating essential safety and care information. It is compatible with metal or plastic containers, offering a foldable spout for precise pouring. With a best-in-class chemical compatibility, this spout is suitable for 6-gallon plastic or steel containers with a 63 mm crimp-on opening. Additionally, it is recyclable, making it an eco-friendly choice.

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