128 oz Black HDPE Plastic F-Style Trimline, 38-400, 150 Gram, w/ View Stripe, Fluorinated Level 4

Products specifications
Capacity128 oz
MarkingsView Stripe
FluorinationLevel 4
Weight150 g
Pallet Qty1284
Country of OriginUSA

Introducing the versatile and durable 128 oz Black HDPE Plastic F-Style Trimline Bottle. This meticulously designed solution offers a unique blend of functionality and superior aesthetics. With a weight of 150 grams and an integrated view stripe feature, users can effortlessly gauge the content level, ensuring accuracy in operations. One of its standout attributes is its Fluorinated Level 4, which significantly amplifies the bottle's resistance against aggressive chemicals and solvents.

It's worth noting that this bottle does not include a lid, providing businesses with the flexibility to select a cap that best fits their individual needs. Its versatility extends to its range of applications. From storing industrial solvents and automotive fluids to agricultural chemicals, this F-Style Trimline bottle caters to a myriad of industries that prioritize durable and efficient packaging solutions.

For businesses and individuals keen on exploring the benefits of this bottle or seeking more information, we're just a call away at 877.242.1880. If a customized solution is what you're after, our 'Request for Quote' online form is designed to streamline the process. With the 128 oz Black HDPE Plastic F-Style Trimline Bottle, rest assured you're investing in a container that prioritizes both reliability and versatility.

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