128 oz Natural HDPE Plastic Industrial Round Bottles, 4x1 Kit, w/ White Box w/ Z Divider, 120 Gram

Products specifications
Capacity128 oz
Neck Finish38-400
BoxWhite Box w/ Z Divider
Weight120 g
Case Qty4
Pallet Qty384
Country of OriginUSA

Find our versatile and durable 128 oz HDPE Plastic Bottles for Diverse Applications for the endless possibilities with our 128 oz Natural HDPE Plastic Industrial Round Bottles. Perfect for a range of industries, these bottles are designed to cater to your bulk storage and handling needs. Whether it's for chemicals, pharmaceuticals, or food and beverage products, their robust HDPE construction ensures content safety and longevity. These large-capacity bottles make storing and dispensing a breeze, simplifying your operational processes.

Our unique 4x1 kit is an efficient packaging solution, designed to streamline your storage and transportation needs. This configuration allows for convenient handling and storage, saving space while ensuring the safety of the contents. The 4x1 kit design is an ideal choice for businesses seeking to optimize their supply chain, reduce handling time, and minimize the risk of damage during transit.

This innovative White Reshipper Box with Z Divider gives a secure and organized options for shipping efficiency with our White Reshipper Box, featuring a Z Divider. This innovative packaging solution ensures each of the 128 oz HDPE bottles remains secure and organized during transit. The box’s sturdy design and internal divider system protect the bottles from impact and prevent movement, reducing the risk of leaks or spills. This thoughtful design makes it easier for recipients to handle and unpack the bottles.

Our 128 oz HDPE bottles feature a 38-400 Neck Finish, offering compatibility with a wide range of closures (sold separately). This versatility allows you to choose the ideal lid type for your specific needs, whether it's for dispensing, pouring, or sealing. Note that the bottles do not come with lids, providing you the flexibility to customize as per your requirements.

At Pipeline Packaging, we’re committed to providing top-quality packaging solutions. For all your HDPE bottle needs, trust us to deliver products that meet your exact specifications. Call us at 877.242.1880 or fill out our online request for quote form to get started.

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