28-400 White PP Plastic Trigger Sprayer w/ Large Filter, Adjust Nozzle, 9 1/4" Dip Tube

Products specifications
Neck Finish28-400
Dip Tube Length9-1/4"
Weight0.085 lbs
Case Qty400
Pallet Qty4000
Country of OriginUSA

The 28-400 White PP Plastic Trigger Sprayer with a Large Filter and Adjustable Nozzle, complemented by a 9 1/4" Dip Tube, epitomizes the ultimate in precision and versatility for spraying solutions. Designed to fit a wide range of bottles, this sprayer ensures a seamless match for various applications, from household cleaning agents to gardening products and personal care items. Its white polypropylene construction not only offers durability but also a clean, professional look that enhances the product's aesthetic appeal. Sold separately, it allows for customization in choosing the perfect bottle to pair with, ensuring that both functional and branding requirements are met.

Featuring a large filter, this trigger sprayer is engineered to prevent clogging, ensuring a consistent spray pattern and efficient product use. The adjustable nozzle offers flexibility, allowing users to switch between a fine mist and a steady stream with ease. This functionality makes it an ideal choice for a broad spectrum of uses, providing both versatility and reliability in a single package. Whether for home, garden, or professional settings, this sprayer meets the demands of various applications, delivering on both performance and ease of use.

The 9 1/4" dip tube is thoughtfully designed to reach the bottom of most standard bottles, ensuring that every last drop of liquid can be utilized. This feature highlights the sprayer's efficiency and commitment to reducing waste, making it a cost-effective solution for users. The length of the tube, combined with the sprayer's overall design, ensures maximum usability and satisfaction, reinforcing its value in the market.

For those seeking the perfect bottle and sprayer combination, Pipeline Packaging offers expert guidance and a vast selection of options. With a simple call to 877.242.1880, customers can access personalized service to find the ideal match for their specific needs. Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, Pipeline Packaging's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction ensures that your packaging requirements are met with the highest standards, making the 28-400 White PP Plastic Trigger Sprayer an excellent choice for diverse applications.

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