3.5-6 Gallon Black HDPE Plastic Pail Cover, All Plastic Spout

Products specifications
Capacity3.5-6 gal
Case Qty240
Pallet Qty1440
Country of OriginUSA

Secure and simplify your storage solutions with our 3.5-6 Gallon Black HDPE Plastic Pail Cover, designed meticulously with an all-plastic spout. Crafted for both efficiency and durability, this versatile lid serves a myriad of uses and applications. Whether you're storing paints, chemicals, foodstuffs, or other essential materials, this pail cover ensures a tight, spill-proof seal, allowing you to pour contents with pinpoint precision. Emphasizing user convenience, it's designed for easy access and hassle-free cleaning, making your storage and pouring tasks a breeze.

While the pail is sold separately, this lid provides flexibility, allowing users to customize their storage setup. Proudly Made in the USA, the lid showcases not just impeccable craftsmanship but also a commitment to quality and domestic manufacturing excellence. Constructed from high-quality HDPE material, it stands as a testament to longevity and robustness, catering to both industrial and home use. UV-resistant and eco-friendly, it's built to protect your stored materials from external contaminants and harmful sun rays. Choose this lid to enhance your storage solutions and invest in quality that’s second to none.

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