4 Ways Oblong Bottles Improve Your Product Packaging

Packaging comes in all shapes and sizes, but some of these shapes can provide distinct advantages for your containers. Oblong plastic and glass bottles offer some distinct benefits for you and your consumers. Here are four ways that square and rectangular bottles can add value to your packaging.

Oblong Bottles Help You Maximize Space

An oblong plastic bottle used to maximize shelf and shipping space.One of the biggest differentiators between oblong and round bottles is that you’re going to use up the absolute most space available with oblong containers. The reason for this is simple – round bottles don’t fill out the corners, whereas an oblong or square bottle utilize every square inch possible.

Whether your bottles are going on shelves, in boxes, or on pallets, oblong or square bottles maximize the total number of containers you can fit in those spaces. In fact, oblong and square bottles take up roughly 25 percent less space than round ones.

That’s a massive difference, especially for retailers trying to fit more of your products on shelves or any business that wants to limit shipping costs. You also have the design flexibility to make your bottles taller, thinner, shorter, or wider to achieve your ideal look and work around shelving and shipping parameters. You can design around your needs without worrying about the lost space created by round bottles.

Oblong Bottles Improve Ergonomics

Another benefit of oblong and square bottles is that it’s easier to grasp a container with flat sides than cylindrical walls. The flat sides allow people to evenly place pressure on both sides of a container instead of gripping around a container.

This is especially true if you include a pinched handle or some other recessed area for better gripping. In addition, these recessed areas keep the handles contained with the shape of the bottle. You can also opt to add exterior handles on the top of the bottle so that your containers can maintain tight spacing.

Another perk of oblong and square bottles is that you can blow mold them with a corner spout or a corner neck. By moving the spout or neck to the corner, it makes your product easier to pour than if the neck is centralized.

Oblong Bottles Provide Filling Stability

An oblong glass bottle used with better rigidity.Another distinct advantage oblong bottles have over round ones is that they’re more efficient from a filling standpoint. While round bottles can rotate and slosh around on conveyors, the flat sides of oblong bottles help them stay steady in the filling line. This helps limit spillage and makes the filling process much easier in a production scenario.

Oblong Bottles Offer Greater Rigidity

When it comes to product compatibility, an oblong or square bottle is going to offer more rigidity. An adverse chemical reaction between your fill products and your container can lead to issues such as paneling. An oblong is naturally a more rigid shape than cylindrical containers, making it a stronger choice for any container compatibility concerns. [link to compatibility post when live]

Invest in the Best Plastic and Glass Bottles for Your Business

When it comes to your product packaging, sometimes it’s hip to be square (or rectangular). Whether you want a stock plastic bottle or a custom glass container, it’s important identify the best, most cost-effective packaging solution for your exact needs. Check out our available packaging products online or talk to one of our experts today to find the perfect containers for your products.