48-400 White PP Plastic Smooth Screw Top Cap, Smooth Sides w/ F217 Liner

Products specifications
TypeSmooth Top, Smooth Sides
StyleContinuous Thread
Neck Finish48-400
Weight0.0105 lbs
Case Qty1700
Pallet Qty59500
Country of OriginUSA

Every product's safety and freshness often hinge on the quality of its closure. Welcome the 48-400 White PP Smooth Top, Smooth Sides Screw Cap enhanced with the specialist F217 Liner - a combination that guarantees an unparalleled sealing experience. Crafted from top-tier Polypropylene (PP), this screw cap isn’t just about longevity. Its pristine smooth finish promises an added layer of elegance, uplifting the overall aesthetics of any container it graces.

The unique F217 Liner stands as the unsung hero in this ensemble. Tailored to provide an airtight seal, it's the go-to choice for diverse products, be they liquid or solid, ensuring optimal preservation and prevention from contamination.

Of course, while the screw cap is indispensable, the vessel it adorns is equally pivotal. This is where Pipeline’s expertise comes to the fore, offering an expansive array of compatible cans, bottles, and jars. With such a broad spectrum, finding the ideal fit becomes a seamless endeavor.

Even though our 48-400 White PP Screw Cap is sold separately due to our vast array, it's a breeze to add it to your Wishlist. Navigate through Pipeline's exhaustive offerings and elevate your product with a closure that epitomizes quality and finesse. Reach out today 877.242.1880 or fill out our Request for Quote form online.

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