Chris Parker

Chris Parker, Warehouse Lead in Cleveland, OH

Title: Warehouse Lead 

Touring Pipeline Packaging’s cavernous warehouse in Warrensville, Ohio is quite an experience. Walking through the maze of aisles, you’re surrounded by every kind of packaging imaginable neatly stacked in towers extending 35 feet in the air. When asked why he likes his job, Chris Parker, warehouse lead, replies “I’m a bit of a neat freak and I like everything to be well organized. All of us on the packaging logistics team have the same tendencies that way.” Chris has found the right job.

Chris’s responsibilities also involve maintaining a steady workflow so that everything comes in and out of the warehouse as seamlessly as possible. This is accomplished thanks to a packaging logistics team of 12 people who are assigned to one of three groups: picking products, unloading, and putting away products, or packaging design services.

This year has been one of the busiest ever during Chris’s eight years at Pipeline Packaging. “Obtaining products and the unprecedented demand for shipping has been challenging for a lot of businesses,” says Chris. “Fortunately, sourcing products, managing inventory, and handling the logistics of packaging and shipping is at the heart of what we do. Customers have leaned on us this year to do the heavy lifting and we’re proud to help them,” he continued.

Part of that pride stems from the fact that Pipeline Packaging is an employee-owned company. This sense of ownership is evident in the way employees approach customer service. Chris explained, “While each of us has a specific responsibility, that isn’t the only thing we do. When a customer needs something, our packaging logistics team works together to take care of each other, and that approach also serves our clients well.”