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New vs. Reconditioned Drums: The Pros and Cons for Steel and Poly Drum Options

Whether you need steel or poly drums, it’s important to invest in the proper packaging for your products. Both new and reconditioned steel and poly drums offer distinct advantages. However, the right solution can largely depend on the nature of your products and business needs. Let’s break down what new and reconditioned steel and poly drums have to offer for your business.

Advantages of New Drums for Product Packaging

As you’d expect by the name, new drums are completely unused containers made from virgin steel or HDPE plastic. These drums are a go-to solution for many chemical companies and other business that require safe, secure packaging that meet very specific standards.A collection of new steel drums in a warehouse with reconditioned poly drums.

New drums offer both quality and consistency

If you have very exact standards for your packaging, new drums are the way to go. New drums can be made to your exact specifications, including your desired wall thickness. These factors are more inconsistent with reconditioned drums, making new containers a reliable option.

New drums are also more consistent in terms of aesthetic appeal. With new drums, you’ll get the color you need for every container. These steel and poly drums will also be completely clean and not have any existing dents or scratches from prior use.

New drums are safer for hazardous materials

If you need drums for a hazardous material, new containers are the safest option for you and your customers. Reconditioned drums simply can’t offer the level of consistency for products with higher UN markings. For example, a specific gravity of 1.8 is standard for new steel drums, while reconditioned drums will struggle to maintain that type of rating. This makes new steel drums a preferable solution for most hazardous products, unless you’re planning to dispose of these materials in reconditioned drums.

Advantages of Reconditioned Drums for Product Packaging

Reconditioned steel and poly drums are containers that have been used and reconditioned at least once. Unlike generic used drums, these containers go through a specific process to remove any residue that may cause problems for your fill product. This reconditioning process can include cleaning out the drums, fixing any dents, and preparing it for reuse.

The reconditioning process gives old drums new life, albeit with some limitations. However, there are a couple notable benefits associated with using reconditioned steel and poly drums.

Reconditioned drums are cost-effective

One major benefit of using reconditioned steel and poly drums is the potential cost savings. Even after the reconditioning process, these containers offer a price savings of roughly 30 to 40 percent as compared to brand new containers. As such, you can get more bang for your buck if reconditioned drums meet all your performance and cosmetic standards.

Reconditioned drums are a sustainable packaging solution

Another major advantage of using reconditioned drums is that they’re completely recycled containers. This is a major selling point for any organization with a sustainability program and want to achieve goals for their product packaging.

Reconditioned drums also allow companies to complete a closed-loop system. Essentially, you can invest in new steel or poly drums and recondition them after their first use. This means that you can not only reuse these drums repeatedly to help the environment, but also create a regular loop of dependable inventory. This allows you to have a steady supply of drums in your control instead of regularly needing new drums that can be subject to container shortages and other availability issues.

Invest in the Right Steel and Poly Drums for Your Business

Whether you want new or recondition steel or plastic drums, it’s important to find the right containers for your exact needs. At Pipeline Packaging, we can help you invest in the perfect drums and fittings to help you attain your required UN rating and any other performance and cosmetic needs.

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