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Tom Martineau


Vice President of Marketing

What is your role at Pipeline? 

Manage and direct all aspects of marketing function for the company.

When did you start at Pipeline? 

August 2015


Wife: Janet

Children: Spencer/Brieanna/Philippe/Henri/Devyn


Dogs: Skipper/Kirby/Einstein

Cats: Hercules/Zoey/Daisy

Tropical Fish

What do you enjoy most about living in your state/area? 

Access to Lake Erie and the various rivers that flow into it as well as the Emerald Necklace Park system that surrounds the greater Cleveland area…simply beautiful!

I also enjoy that we have 4 unique seasons throughout the year


Tennis/motorcycling/dirt biking/boating/kayacking/fishing/hiking nature trails... and spending as much time with my family as I can!

Pet Peeves? 

Slow drivers in the fast lane... c'mon get out of the way!

Who has been your greatest inspiration? 

My wife, she is rock solid, my soul mate, and the greatest mother to our children.

Favorite movie?

Top Gun

Favorite color? 


Favorite food? 

Indian/Mexican/Thai since I really enjoy some heat!

What is something you think no one knows about you? 

My wife and I share the same birthday... the same year... I am 30 minutes older than her

What do you want other people to know about you? 

I try my best to follow the golden rule "treat others" as I would want them to treat me.

What 1 word best describes you? 


What is your favorite thing about working at Pipeline? 

The fact that we are an “employee owned company” which drives us all to take care our customers as well as each Pipeline team member since in the end we are all owners and want the company to succeed.

Good People at the Core.

Brian Graham

Southern Regional Warehouse Manager in Dallas

What is your role at Pipeline? Manage the warehouses in Des Moines, Dallas, Houston and Oyster Creek

Bryant Ramsey

Lead Warehouseman in Cincinnati

What is your role at Pipeline? Do whatever it takes to get the job done