White HDPE Cover, Rieke for 3.5 - 6 Gallon Pails

Products specifications
Capacity3.5-6 gal
StyleShort Skirt
Weight0.9 lbs
Pallet Qty1200
Country of OriginUSA

Pipeline Packaging is a leading distributer of pail covers such as the 3.5-6-Gallon White HDPE Rieke Cover. Made using industrial grade HDPE, this white cover is very load bearing as well as impact resistant, and temperature resistant. HDPE is well known for its preservative properties, keeping mold and mildew away from the product inside. In terms of storage, natural chemicals, water, solvents, and sanitation fluids leave HDPE protected products untouched, making it an excellent solution to a variety of storage and shipping needs.

The 3.5-6-Gallon white HDPE cover comes fashioned with Rieke Spout technology. A Rieke Spout provides an easily accessible method for siphoning product without removing the overall cover. When siphoning is complete, the Rieke Spout simply collapses back into the cover, creating a smooth surface suitable for stacking.

The white HDPE cover’s Rieke Spout is accompanied by an EPDM gasket (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, M class synthetic rubber elastomer). EPDM gaskets are well-known for their temperature versatility, making them excellent components for all weather, aging and even offer protection from UV light.

The 3.5-6-Gallon White HDPE Cover with a Rieke Spout is a screw lid. The screw-lid alongside the tight sealing that comes with HDPE plastic creates a secure tight fit to the opening of the pail.

When you are looking for the right packaging for your products it is important to know what qualities and advantages will prove to be the right fit for your needs. Pipeline Packaging carries a host of different lids including latch covers, screw tops, and tear-offs.

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