Case Study: Pipeline Takes the Patient Approach to Provide Animal Science with Better Packaging

When companies switch to a different packaging distributor, it’s not always because they have major supply issues or problems with their packaging. Sometimes a switch is the right call because you find a distributor that’s willing to take the time to find an even better solution than what you have instead of pushing for a sale. The latter situation is exactly the reason why Animal Science Products turned to Pipeline Packaging for its business.

For decades, Animal Science has delivered quality products to customers in the feed additives and animal health industries. The family-owned company wasn’t necessarily looking to change packaging partners, but a chance encounter turned into a multi-year sales process that not only helped Animal Science improve its packaging, but also resulted in a better working relationship for everyone involved.

The Challenge

An Animal Science plastic pail provided by Pipeline Packaging.Unlike a typical new customer, Animal Science didn’t have any notable issues that drove them to find a new distributor. After a chance encounter at an industry show Pipeline Packaging Sales Representative Magnus Liljenberg, called Animal Science to see if we could help. At the time, Animal Science was selling products in two, four, and five-gallon pails, along with other packaging products. While Pipeline wasn’t able to provide them with a better packaging solution at the time, Magnus told his contact that he would get back to him once he found a better packaging solution.

The Solution

After several years of follow up with Animal Science and researching ways to improve the company’s packaging, Magnus found a better solution – a different kind of plastic pail with a hinged cover. Animal Science packs batches of their products in pails and sends them out to sell. However, Animal Science had an issue where their previous pails would bulge slightly at the bottom when they were stacked on top of one another. Pipeline was able to work with a manufacturer to create a new pail using a different resin in order to make the container a little thicker and improved its packing strength.

With this new packaging solution in place, Pipeline and the manufacturer, scheduled a joint sales call to discuss the new pails with Animal Science. Not only was this a big step toward showcasing the new solution, it also made a big impact on Animal Science. This demonstrated that Pipeline was more than committed to creating a good working relationship. While Magnus and Pipeline showed they had Animal Science’s best interests in mind, Animal Science wasn’t quite as satisfied with their previous distributor. Pipeline’s drive to establish a connection and find the right packaging solution was an attractive quality for Animal Science.

The Results

After a multi-year process, Animal Science made the switch to Pipeline. The company consolidated its’ line of pails from two, four, and five-gallon containers down to a single five-gallon size with improved packing strength. In addition to investing in better containers, Animal Science’s switch to Pipeline enabled the company to do in-mold printing for their containers. Animal Science offers a high-end product, so this new branding will give them packaging that mirrors the quality of their contents. At present, Pipeline also has a custom mold bottle project in the works to help serve Animal Science’s other packaging need.

As mentioned before, another major benefit of working with Pipeline is just that – a relationship where they felt like they’re working with their packaging distributor instead of being just another customer. Between Magnus’ efforts to find a quality solution for a comparable price and Pipeline being able to deliver on that promise, the switch was a notable change for the company.

“There are certain people out there who say they want to help you solve an issue, but they just want to sell you something,” says Mark Phillips, Purchasing Manager at Animal Science. “That wasn’t the case with Pipeline. Every time I’ve asked Magnus to help us find something or help us with an issue, he’s been very responsive, timely, and focused to rectify the issue. Pipeline has been great about managing inventory, getting it to us in a timely fashion, and in shipments that make sense to us.”

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