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Cost-Effective Alternative for Custom Jar and Lid Resolves Clean Control’s Smelly Situation


Since 1980, Clean Control has been dedicated to creating technologically advanced, cost-effective cleaning solutions. Their flagship product, OdoBan®, was their first product and is sold in locations such as Sam’s Club, Walmart, and The Home Depot as well as online outlets such as,, and more.

Clean Control was working on two distinct challenges regarding their packaging: updating an existing lid and finding packaging with a more contemporary look for a soon-to-be-released product.

The original lid used on the Solid Odor Absorber was a traditional screw-on cap. To use the product, the buyer simply removed the cap and set the jar on the counter. The cap itself had a clinical appearance and the open jar ran the risk of spilling its contents to the floor.

Clean Control wanted a lid with vent holes with a protective liner that the customer would peel off. The cap would remain on the jar, yet allow air to pass over the contents and remove odors while preventing the odor absorbing material from spilling out.

The company had inquired elsewhere about creating a custom lid, but the cost was prohibitive. The project was shelved for a year until a more economic alternative could be found.

Additionally, Clean Control was releasing a new product involving scented, odor absorbing gel beads. They wanted the packaging to be a stylish jar that would be more appealing in an open home setting and would also utilize the vented cap that was still to be developed.


On a routine visit, we heard how Clean Control wanted to update OdoBan’s packaging and that the project had been shelved due to development costs. We mentioned that Pipeline owns over 100 custom molds and could provide OdoBan with the contemporary look the company wanted.

The jar they chose for the scented gel beads displayed a simple, yet modern design. Their choice was similar to the prototype they wanted to develop earlier. Since Pipeline owned the mold, Clean Control wouldn’t need to invest money in the development of a new jar.

The lid was more complex. The lid openings in the mold that Pipeline owned were not what Clean Control wanted – a stylized flower pattern that would allow greater exposure to the air.

Pipeline modified the existing mold to provide Clean Control what they were looking for. Modifying an existing mold – as opposed to creating a new one – reduced the cost by 75% of what the other packaging distributor had quoted. Clean Control jumped at the opportunity.


The new lid – more stylish and allowing their odor absorbing product greater contact with the air around it – is already in use. Clean Control anticipates an increase in sales now that there is protection against spills.

The eagerly awaited gel bead product in a new jar will soon follow once the different retail centers contract for the product. OdoBan will soon enjoy a more contemporary look and stand out even more in its competitive market.

Odoban old bottle

The original cap was a standard screw-on. Users would remove the cap and leave the open jar sitting. The look is unappealing and increases the risk of spillage.

Odoban bottle

The bottle for the gel beads will feature softer, tapered sides that will be more appealing in a home setting. It will feature the same floral patterned lid that was designed for the Solid Odor Absorber.

odoban caps

The left lid is the original Pipeline Packaging mold. The right shows OdoBan’s modifications.

odoban new bottle

OdoBan’s new lid is more stylish and allows air to pass through it without the threat of spilling the jar’s contents.

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