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Custom-Drilled Pails and Just-in-Time Delivery Help LD Carlson “Spread the Cheer”


LD Carlson is the leading U.S. wholesale distributor of home brewing and wine making supplies. Their 5-gallon plastic Ale Pails and Vino Vessels can be seen in specialty shops throughout the country.

The plastic pails and lids were a continual challenge for the home brewing company. Coming from two different locations, inventory management was inconsistent with frequent stock lapses during holidays and sales spikes.

The pails and lids also needed to be customized: holes drilled and grommets put in place. The manual process was done by LD employees, removing people who could be helping to grow the business that LD is known for.


Taking over the project, we proposed two strategies:

  • Pipeline would warehouse all of the pails and lids, managing the inventory requirement and releasing them when LD Carlson needed stock.
  • We would also take over the pail and lid customization and build a machine that more quickly and cleanly punched holes and inserted the necessary grommets.


LD Carlson has been thrilled with the results. Since Pipeline took over, the home brewing company has enjoyed consistent stock despite holidays, bad weather and sales spikes. The LD Carlson employees who spent their time behind a drill press are now focused on helping to grow sales and production of their high-quality products.


For customer, LD Carlson, Pipeline Packaging custom punches holes in their pail and lid, insert grommets, warehouses the finished pails and then provides Just in Time Delivery. This frees the customer’s human resources and warehouse space for product fulfillment.

hole punch

Pipeline Packaging custom built a pneumatic machine that would punch holes in both the 5-gallon plastic pails and lids according to LD Carlson’s specs.

Good People at the Core.

Deborah Gunderson

Customer service support to Sales and customers

What is your role at Pipeline? Customer service support to Sales and customers

Joe Jones Jr

Lead Warehouseman in Dallas

What is your role at Pipeline? Run the day-to-day operations of the Dallas warehouse