Pipeline maintains the optimal amount of inventory for each of its customers by using advanced software and best-in-class inventory practices.

Best-in-Class Inventory Classification, Planning and Labor Management

Pipeline Packaging's supply chain specialists use the following approach when managing customer inventories:


Classification of Inventory

  • Determines the optimal amount of safety stock
  • Accounts for supplier lead time variability
  • Reduction of carrying costs
Inventory Management

Inventory Planning

  • Optimal product levels purchased
  • Increase inventory turn times
    • Less assets tied up
    • Decrease holding and operating costs
  • Improve forecasts through feedback metrics
  • Usage analysis

Labor Management

  • Job sequencing for packaging projects:
    • Bundling shipments
    • Product modification
    • Product assembly
    • Make to order
    • Make to stock
  • Optimal amounts of labor to receive and store packages
  • Pallet maximization
inventory managment

Pipeline's ability to manage customer inventory levels through our warehouses provides several key benefits:

  • Consolidates packaging needs across multiple business units
  • Better leverages manufacturing base for specific customer requirements
  • Provides visibility into inventory history and trends via status reports

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