Custom Assembly
and Decorating

Reduce labor and administrative costs by outsourcing custom packaging and assembly services to Pipeline. After you’ve found the right product, our customers gain exclusive access to our in-house package assembly services. Whether you’re in need of label printing services, custom container modifications, package palletizing, or parts assembly, our team is readily accessible to help streamline your processes.

Take advantage of our custom packaging and assembly services!

Pipeline’s packaging specialists can provide in-house services to help reduce operational costs and gain market share. Exclusive services include:

Package assembly

Package Assembly

  • Packaging parts assembly
  • Box assembly
  • Plug and/or grommet insertion
custom modifications

Container Modifications

  • Physically modify existing packaging to fit your operational needs
  • Build custom packaging without building a mold
  • Punching holes for plugs, grommets, etc.

Palletizing and Re-bundling

  • Transfer products to specific pallets
  • Breakdown bundles of products and re-palletize
  • Band products for security and ease of handling
  • Reorganize packages to fit your production schedule
custom print package

Custom Printing Services

  • Design services
  • Print services
    • Labels
    • Sleeves
    • Pressure sensitive
    • Shrink wrap
    • Direct print
    • Screen print
    • Lithography
    • Pad print
sample custom packaging

Sample Custom Packaging Assemblies from Pipeline

  • Creating a custom pallet that exactly positions 4 plastic, tight-head drums, secures them in place with 3 separate bands, screws 2 caps into each drum and then applies to each drum a branded label with product identification and material warnings for a leading polymer technology company that ships products overseas
  • Re-boxing 1-gallon plastic bottles to include cardboard safety dividers for one of the world’s largest chemical companies
  • Punching specifically sized holes into pails and corresponding lids, then inserting grommets for plastic home brewing kits
  • Screwing the caps onto tens of thousands of jars for a large specialty chemicals manufacturer
  • Assembling DelPaks (a metal pail containing a closed plastic liner that holds the contents) for a variety of customers

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