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With a multitude of suppliers, complex product options and a constantly changing market environment, sourcing product containers is time consuming and costly. Leverage Pipeline Packaging's relationships with manufacturers near and abroad and save your resources for other projects.

One Source for Product Selection, Strategic Sourcing and Supplier Management

product selection

Product Selection

Pipeline's specialists can discuss packaging options with you to help determine the best container for your product. We can review variables with you such as:

  • Determining best package fit by
    • Material
    • Capacity
    • Design
  • Manage inventory and budgetary requirements through delivery timelines
    • Direct ship options
    • Utilize our warehouses for Just-in-Time deliveries

Strategic Sourcing

Pipeline enjoys strong relationships with over 400 manufacturers for every type of packaging. This allows us to partner with the best fit for your project. Considerations we'll discuss to help find the best manufacturer include:

  • Manufacturing locations, including in Europe and Asia
  • In-house stock programs vs. strictly direct ship
  • In-house engineering and quality to respond to inquiries
  • Existing purchasing habits to consolidate shipments and pass savings along to our customers
supplier manager

Supplier Management

Managing supplier relationships takes time and resources away from your company that could best be spent elsewhere. Leverage the relationships that Pipeline Packaging has already cultivated and receive the benefits:

  • Negotiate pricing on your behalf
  • Oversee freight and logistics
  • Maintain optimal levels of inventory
  • Smooth warranty processing maintains product integrity

Call Pipeline Packaging today to learn more about the benefits of using our supplier relationships.

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