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Core Services:
Packaging Services Beyond Distribution

We’re more than a packaging distributor. At Pipeline Packaging, we provide packaging services to commercial and industrial markets that have been proven to streamline processes, reduce resource cost, and increase market share. Unpack the opportunities by exploring our packaging services.

Pipeline Packaging Services

Whether you’re in need of custom packaging design, warehouse inventory management, or thorough package testing for durability, our packaging services ensure your containers or products are in tip-top shape.

Custom Assembly and Decorating

Custom Assembly and Decorating

Reduce labor and administrative costs by outsourcing custom packaging and assembly to Pipeline. After you’ve found the right product, our customers gain exclusive access to our in-house package design and assembly services. Our team is readily available to help streamline processes required for custom container modifications, part assembly, label printing services, package palletizing, and more!

Engineering and Testing

Engineering and Testing

Package testing is equally as important, if not more, than your product packaging itself. Pipeline Packaging has internal engineers that can help ensure package preventative measures are taken by using the Six Sigma package performance testing methods.

Global Sourcing

Global Sourcing

With a multitude of suppliers, complex product options and a constantly changing market environment, sourcing product containers is time consuming and costly. Leverage Pipeline Packaging's relationships with manufacturers near and abroad and save your resources for other projects.

Inventory Mangement

Inventory Management

Inventory management doesn’t have to be a tedious task with Pipeline’s warehouse inventory management team. Using advanced software and best-in-class inventory practices, after investing in Pipeline products, our team will be there to ensure your inventory is organized and cared for.

packaging design services

Packaging Design Services

Whether it's a new custom packaging design concept, a modification to a current package or a cosmetic update, Pipeline's in-house design team is there to provide innovation solutions, efficient turnaround times to help increase profitability, and strategic guidance. So, let’s get creative!

Warehousing and Logistics

Warehousing and Logistics

After investing in Pipeline’s products, you might be wondering where you will house the thousands of containers you just ordered. Pipeline’s 1,000,000 + square foot warehouse helps reduce costs and provides scalable stocking space - a quick and easy solution to storing your inventory. Additionally, we have a team that will oversee the logistics of inspections, freight management, deliveries, and more.

Good People at the Core.

Ray Juhl

Sales Rep in Detroit

What is your role at Pipeline? To grow my territory in sales and profitability by: building and improving my relationships with customers, finding new customers and building and improving internal relationships.

Melanie McIntyre

Accounts Receivable Specialist in Cleveland

What is your role at Pipeline? I process the billing of invoices for our customers as well as various A/R tasks.