The Right Packaging for Sauce Helps Create Masterpieces

In the William Shakespeare play Julius Caesar, the cobbler was known to be a “saucy fellow,” meaning he expressed bold rudeness and disrespect … not exactly the most desirable attributes.

Pipeline Packaging supplies packaging for sauce to one important customer that employs several “saucy fellows.” These guys express themselves a bit differently than the cobbler — via bold flavor and aroma from their award-winning BBQ sauce.

As summertime approaches, this team will be working overtime to be sure everyone has a little more flavor in their lives, and an opportunity to create their own culinary masterpiece.

We Are Family … a Tasty Family

From Amazon to Hy-Vee grocery stores, consumers can get a taste of this Pipeline customer’s family-recipe BBQ sauce. The company also makes a variety of other products — from coleslaw dressing to a spicier jalapeno version of its traditional sweet BBQ sauce.

Packaging for Sauce

A small, family-owned business, this company has been served by Pipeline Packaging’s Des Moines, Iowa, facility for the past nine years. The BBQ sauce company is now in its second generation, with the founding father recently passing the business on to his son.

Contain Your Sauces

According to Jennifer Bodin, Pipeline Packaging sales representative, Pipeline provides a readily available supply of traditional decanter-shaped glass BBQ sauce jars with long necks and wide bodies.

“It’s the quintessential BBQ sauce jar, so consumers have no question about what’s inside,” Bodin said.

She added that Pipeline currently supplies primarily 16 oz. glass jars to this customer, although beginning this fall, a transition to polyethylene terephthalate (PET) material will begin. PET is a type of clear, strong, lightweight, and 100% recyclable plastic.

An Important Shift

According to Bodin, the cost of glass containers has increased recently, so many Pipeline Packaging customers are considering the switch to PET containers. The shape of the new containers will mirror the look of this customer’s glass containers, so consumers will notice no visual difference.

Bodin added that this BBQ sauce company hot fills its bottles, so the alternative container needed to withstand temperatures greater than 150 degrees. Pipeline Packaging was there to make an important recommendation that will save the customer money with no impact on its product or its processes.

Anything You Need, You Got It

This customer orders from Pipeline Packaging on an as-needed basis. Since summertime is go-time for BBQ sauce, orders now are just as hot as the company’s jalapeno-infused sauce. The transition to the new PET bottles will begin in the fall, as sales cool off a bit.

Bodin said this customer relationship epitomizes what Pipeline strives for in all its partnerships.

“This customer orders products from us as needed,” Bodin said. “When our customers are in need, they know we understand. We’ll be working closely with this customer during the packaging transition this fall to be sure they’re all set for their next busy season.”

In nine years, with two generations, and with multiple product variations, Bodin says Pipeline has been there as this customer has grown and expanded its product offering. No matter what customers need, Pipeline Packaging is there to help.

“We try to react in real time with our customers’ needs and wants,” said Bodin. “And they know we’re always there for them.”

The Right Packaging for Sauce

Many questions can arise when you’re trying to decide on your packaging for sauce. Glass or plastic? Clear or tinted? Classic shape or custom? Hot fill or cool as a cucumber?

Pipeline Packaging is here to assist you with your important decision, and it’s all based on your specific needs and preferences. We help you determine which solutions are right for you and your customers. We’ll ask all the right questions to help you make the right choice.

Pipeline’s Your Best Resource

It’s clear that working with the right packaging supplier is key. You need a quality, cost-effective solution that meets all your needs. At Pipeline Packaging, our network of global manufacturers and suppliers ensures you have access to any packaging for sauce — and other food products — you may need.

But it’s more than simply identifying a good sourcing solution. At Pipeline Packaging, we manage supplier relationships so you don’t have to. We save you time and resources, and open you up to other notable packaging benefits, including having us manage the freight and logistics of your packaging while also managing your inventory. This means you get exactly what you need when you need it.

Add a Little Flavor

So, if you’re ready to add some flavor to your packaging supply chain, contact Pipeline Packaging today. Or take a moment to learn more about our glass and plastic packaging for sauce options. We’ll help your deliver your own packaging masterpiece.