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The Benefits of Boosting Your Beer’s Branding with Growlers

Whether you’re trying to appeal to fans of draft beer, environmentally conscious customers, or other types of buyers, growlers are another unique container option that can be used for selling your beer to the masses. However, that doesn’t mean that these 32 and 64 oz. glass bottles only offer value as another a convenient container for customers.

A blank growler can certainly hold its beer, but a lack of decoration is a missed opportunity for your business. Here’s why you should consider investing in branded growlers for your brewery.

Branded Growlers Make Breweries Look Professional

A blank bottle may get the job done, but it is a missed opportunity. Not only does branding add some extra marketing power to your growlers, it also adds to the overall appeal of these portable containers.Multiple branded growler bottles with printed information on them.

Any brewery can hand out unmarked 64 oz. containers – only your brewery can provide patrons with your official growers. By investing in some decoration, you can make your growlers look better than before and give your customers more reason to order one (or more) of your brews to go.

Branded Growlers Serve as a Reminder for Your Existing Consumers

There’s another big reason that growlers can serve as a powerful marketing tool – your customers will happily take your brand home with them. While they’re at home, your growler serves as a miniature billboard for your business. When it comes time for that consumer to head out for a drink or refill his or her bottle, your brand can help ensure that your products are top of mind when it comes time to decide where to go.

Branded Growlers Can Attract New Customers

While having your logo in someone’s home is a powerful marketing tool on its own, that’s not the only place these sizable beer vessels can go. Odds are that some of the people with your growler will end up taking your branded bottle to other breweries as well. According to Nielsen, more than half of beer drinkers purchase beer from four or more brands each year. When you specifically look at craft beer drinkers, that number grows even more. In fact, roughly a third of this group patronize seven or more beer brands over the course of a year.

These numbers suggest that a healthy portion of your customers may head to another brewery to fill their growlers at some point in the future. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, however – just think of it as a means of marketing on the competition’s turf. If a customer uses your branded growler, other likeminded patrons may see your brand and decide that you’re next on their list of beers to try.

There are also plenty of opportunities for brand exposure outside the bar. A person with your growler could also take that bottle to a party or some other get-together and expose their friends and family to your brand. If everything works out, you may have found new diehard fans because someone else took your growler to another brewery.

Work with a Distributor that Can Print Logos on New Growlers

Are you ready to boost your brand with new growlers? At Pipeline, we can assist you with in-house decorating services, include print services for your growlers and other containers. That’s just one way that we can work with you to help you reduce operational costs and improve your market share through packaging solutions.

Ready to find the right packaging distributor for your business? Check out our available packaging products online or contact us today to talk to one of our experts today about your packaging needs.

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