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What to Know When Investing in Industrial Cooling Systems for Your Containers

When you need to keep your containers cool, it’s important to find the right temperature control solutions. Industrial cooling equipment can vary greatly, ranging from light chilling systems for home brewing to heavy-duty applications for hazardous chemicals. Here are three things you need to consider when it’s time to invest in an industrial cooling system for your specific needs.

Identify Product Limitations and Insulation Needs

Cooling insulation blankets work for a variety of goods – beer, liquor, wine, cannabis, chemicals, etc. – but there is no one-blanket fits all solution for every need. It’s important to consider your specific product and understand the limitations the substance your containers will hold.

You’ll want to identify a few factors when it comes time to invest in a cooling system. This information includes the temperature the product needs to be held at, the viscosity of the product, and if it needs to be held at a constant temperature. These factors will impact which temperatures are required for safe product storage, as well as if you’ll need an adjustable thermostat for products that change environments or if you plan to use your insulation blankets for different products or containers.

Evaluate Your Storage Situation

Industrial drums in need of cooling systems like insulation blankets and chillers.Whether you store containers outside because of a lack of warehouse space or need to keep products and materials cool in steel mills or other hot indoor environments, insulation blankets can help. Of course, you’ll want to make sure that your storage area is prepared for your cooling system of choice.

One of the first items you’ll need to address is power. Chillers and insulation blankets require a power source to run, so you’ll need to make sure that there is access to an electric source wherever you plan to store your containers. Aside from that, it’s a matter of addressing your product needs in conjunction with your storage location. Products and materials can be kept in freezer or refrigerator-like conditions, so having details about your storage situation can help your narrow down your search for the right cooling system.

Protect Against Product Loss

A good cooling system is built to last. A high level of quality does carry a higher price tag, but it also means that you can reuse containers, blankets, and chillers for years while avoiding lost material. For example, GE utilized cooling insulation to solve a costly shipping issue that helped them save roughly $40,000 per week.

The company shipped 55-gallon drums of varnish, epoxy, and resins to Mexico, but ambient temperatures of 125° Fahrenheit caused the materials to cure during the trip. These conditions led to eight barrels going bad each week, with a loss of $5,000 per barrel. This issue was solved with a combination of six chillers and six fluid circulation blankets to help preserve these materials throughout their trips. If you also deal with regular product loss, this can mean that your investment in cooling systems will be paid off sooner than you’d expect.

Invest in Cooling Systems Through A Trusted Partner

When you’re in need of a cooling system for your drums, totes, tanks, or other containers, Pipeline Packaging can help. Our experts can work with you to identify your cooling needs to determine which system is right for your needs and budget. We can even assist with inventory management and warehousing capabilities to provide scalable stocking space that allows you to reduce capital expenses and focus on other business concerns.

Ready to invest in cooling systems? Check out our available packaging products online or contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with all your packaging needs.

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